Do I need any special software to read the plans?

Yes, you will need a PDF viewer such as Adobe Acrobat and if you upgrade to the Sketchup model you will need the Sketchup software to read the file.  Both are free to download and use.  Follow the links for more info.

Are the plans written in a step by step how to format?

No, however each plan contains build suggestions, tips, and tricks to help complete the project.  It is assumed that you have a basic knowledge of woodworking.

The plans are drawn with each piece, detailed in its own measured drawing.

Do I need to upgrade to the Sketchup model to complete the project?

No, the PDF plan contains everything you need to complete the project.  The Sketchup model is available if you feel you need more info.  It gives you the ability to zoom in on a component  and measure any area of that component.  The Sketchup model is also a great way to see how the project is assembled as I draw each component the way I would build it.  This is especially helpful on the more complicated projects.

Is waste or extra wood figured into the materials list?

Yes, a minimal amount of waste is figured into the materials list.  The materials list figures in a 3” Snipe from the planer for each end of most components, as well as an extra inch in width to joint an edge and saw blade thickness.  It does not figure in extra material for picking out the best-looking boards for show surfaces.  That will be up to you at the lumberyard to determine.

Do you need any special tools to complete the projects?

There are many methods of work, using different types of tools to end at the same result.  These plans do not go into what tool to use for what operation, as it is assumed that you have a basic knowledge of woodworking techniques.  However, we do have a recommended tool list to get you started.

Do you offer refunds for downloaded plans?

No, we do not offer refunds for downloads.  Once the project is downloaded we have no way of un-downloading it, or verifying that it has been removed from your computer.